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Additional titles Shenmue III [Stylized title] シェンムーIII [Stylized title] シェンムー3 莎木3
Developer Ys Net
Publisher Deep Silver
Distributor Tencent Oasis Games Buka Entertainment
Additional development Neilo
Additional graphics Lakshya Digital Rockfish Jaeger
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Outsource testing Camouflaj Digital Hearts Lionbridge Poland
In development 19 November 2020
Released 21 November 2019 19 November 2019 19 November 2019
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19 November 2019 19 November 2019 19 November 2019
Websites Product page
Product page
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Genres and descriptors

Gameplay elements Open world
Gameplay meta-genres Beat 'em up (Brawler)
Historical period Contemporary history
Perspective First-person
Presentation 3D
Setting genre Supernatural fiction
Type of events Fictitious events
World Real world
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