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Additional titles Onimusha: Путь самурая 鬼武者 Genma Onimusha (幻魔 鬼武者
Developer Capcom Production Studio 2
Publisher Capcom Typhoon Games Akella
Additional development Typhoon Games
Porting Typhoon Games
Released 16 January 2019 15 January 2019 15 January 2019
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15 January 2019 20 December 2018 1 December 2005 June 2003 22 March 2002 22 February 2002 28 January 2002 6 July 2001 13 March 2001 25 January 2001
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Genres and descriptors

Gameplay elements Puzzle solving
Historical period Middle Ages
Perspective Third-person
Presentation 3D models on 2D backgrounds
Setting genre Supernatural fiction
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