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D Series is a New Off Road Racing Simulation. The game is intended for PC Computers featuring a force feedback steering wheel and pedal system but works with any style of controller. The title features 5 different vehicles and 6 large open world maps with more than 50 Miles of trails, two tracks and racing courses to explore. The main focus is capturing the intensity of off road driving and trying to give drivers the idea of what its like to harness the big power of these off road machines. So sit down, strap in and see if you have what it takes to tame these wild off road machines.

D Series Current Features

- Realistic off road physics and tire models
- DirectX Force Feedback calculated from proper vehicle geometry (with applicable FFB steering wheels)
- 5 different Vehicles (Trophy Trucks, Trophy Karts and Rally Cars)
- 6 different tracks were EVERYTHING on the map is collidable
- Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night Lighting
- Damage model with dirt/mud accumulation
- Global Leader boards for all tracks
- 50+ different vehicle tuning adjustments
- Adjustable vehicle setups with the ability to share
- Skinable paint liveries (Simply load your own car paint image)
- On Board GPS Nav System (We dont want you getting lost out there)
- 6 different Camera views with Multi-Monitor support and monitor angle correction.
- Tuneable Force Feedback, Degrees of Steering Rotation, FFB Damping, FFB Gain

6 Large Maps and Racing Venues

Source: Steam
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