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The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back! Check out the remastered HD version of Resident Evil.

In 1998 a special forces team is sent to investigate some bizarre murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Upon arriving they are attacked by a pack of blood-thirsty dogs and are forced to take cover in a nearby mansion. But the scent of death hangs heavy in the air. Supplies are scarce as they struggle to stay alive.


  • More detailed graphics that retain the horror.
  • The environments come alive with detail thanks to resolution upgrades and non-static 3D models.
  • Post-processing effects like Bloom filters, which were not easy to do at the time of the original release, have been added to make the HD graphics even more realistic.
  • High-Resolution Environments - We've increased the resolution of the background environments by recreating them with a mix of high-res static images, plus animated 3D models.

Widescreen Support
  • Widescreen (16:9) is supported, so players can experience a greater sense of immersion.
  • In widescreen mode, the screen will scroll. The parts of the screen that get cut off on the top and bottom will scroll into view automatically depending on the character's position.
  • You can switch the display mode during gameplay in real time.

Sound & New Controls
  • High-Quality Sound - The audio has been remastered to increase the sampling rate, and of course 5.1ch output is also now supported.
  • New Controls
  • You can play using the original control scheme or an alternate control scheme that lets you just push the analog stick to move in the direction you want to go.
  • You can switch the control scheme during gameplay in real time.

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Additional titles Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Resident Evil HD Remaster バイオハザード HDリマスター BioHazard HD Remaster
Developer Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher Capcom U.S.A. Capcom Capcom Europe
Released 21 May 2020 21 January 2015 20 January 2015
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20 January 2015 20 January 2015 27 November 2014 26 June 2009 23 June 2009 25 December 2008 13 September 2002 30 April 2002 22 March 2002
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