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Underrail is an old school turn-based isometric indie role playing game that focuses on exploration and combat.

The game is set in a distant future, when the life on the Earth’s surface has long since been made impossible and the remnants of humanity now dwell in the Underrail, a vast system of metro station-states that, it seems, are the last bastions of a fading race.

The player takes control of one of the denizens of such a station-state whose life is about to become all that much more interesting and dangerous, as our protagonist is caught midst the conflicting factions of the Underrail as the violently struggle to survive in the harsh underground environment.

Source: Steam
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Genres and descriptors

Historical period Future
Perspective Isometric
Presentation 2D
Setting genre Post-apocalypse
Science fiction
Time flow Turn-based
Type of events Fictitious events
World Real world
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