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Uncharted Waters Online is a vast historical sandbox MMORPG set in the Age of Sail, lasting from the 16th to mid-19th century. In this world, you are a captain commanding great ships. Explore the ancient wonders, trade from Europe to East Asia, and engage in epic naval battles. Make history!
Uncharted Waters Online is an unique game that is very deep and engaging. If you'd like to experience a game where simple hack and slash will not get you far, a game where thinking, planning and knowledge are the keys to succeed, then raise the sails and join us in this exciting world today!
This game is the successor of the single player games, Uncharted Waters (Daikoukai Jidai) series. The developer KOEI is also the creator of Dynasty Warriors, Romance of Three Kingdoms, and many other popular series.

Key Features

  • Follow Your Path: Will you be an adventurer, exploring historical sites and travel to the far reaches of the globe? Or maybe becoming a Merchant, profiting from long-distance trades between Europe and East Asia and accumulate a vast fortune. The Maritime Guild and Royal Navy is the home for those who prefer to test their might. No need to choose - follow all three paths! Players may improve their characters changing between different types of jobs easily and picking from over 100 different skills to learn.
  • Player driven economy: Players may learn and use different production skills to build ships, make weapons, cannons, ship parts, food, cloth and many other items in the game to sell to NPC or other players for a profit.
  • Free to play: Most of the items in cash shop can be traded, especially essential items. Paying players may sell the items to other players for in game currency and non-paying players can enjoy the game fully by purchasing them with in game currency!
  • Beautifully modeled ships: UWO features over 100 different types of historical ships authentically modeled in details. From small caravel to big trading clipper, a light gunboat to first class ship of the line, each ship has its own realistic ship statistics and unique performance reflected in sail power, acceleration, speed, turn speed, sailors, guns, cargo, and etc.
  • Explore an Open World: Sail where you like, whenever you like! The world is your sandbox - no need to follow specific quest lines or progression paths. A vast map based on the real world. Visit over 180 bustling port cities and settlements on six continents, each with their own wares, people of interest, and secrets!
  • Conquer the Seas: Engage in player-vs-player battle on the open waters. Take part in the massive Epic Sea Feuds, featuring hundreds of players! Join Battle Campaign and fight in special maps death match style! Be a bounty hunter and rid the seas of opportunists & scoundrels, or be a strong pirate roaming the hostile waters!
  • Experience History: Learn about the political & historical events that shaped the Age of Discovery as you set sail in the 15th century & beyond.
  • Join Your Comrades: Join a company (guild) in the game, working together and enjoy socializing with each other!

Gran Atlas New Features

  • Charting the world – After graduating from any one of the Intermediate schools, talk to Mercator in Amsterdam to experience this new feature! After you finish charting a sea region, information about that region will be available for your reference.
  • Chrono quests – Completing each Chrono quest will allow players to gain Chrono titles of a certain historical period and buy goods, user recipes, and challenge Ganadors from that period. Players can hold a maximum of 2 Chrono titles at the same time.
  • New city St. Petersburg – Located in the Baltic Sea. To access this city, finish charting the Baltic Sea region and take “Delivery Request to the capital of Russia” from Stockholm. Also “A fruitless flower swaying in the white night” from Stockholm Adventure guild is necessary to advance in the new Sophie story arc.
  • Three new story quest lines - Sophie, Henry Morgan, John Tradescant (Visit our website for more details)
  • Skill Refinement – Players may reset certain skills to rank 1 at St. Petersburg guilds, and it will gain an additional effect with permanent +2 bonus. Process is not reversible, and player must train the skills again to regain the ranks.
  • New Bounty Hunter and Pirate System – When white named players initiate an attack and defeat pirates, they will gain Honor points. Player name will turn Blue and can gain new titles with special effects, one of them can even prevent pirate retreat for a certain amount of time.
  • More Content: More modifications, ships, ports, nations, discoveries, quests, dungeons, characters, items, recipes, & much more!

Source: Steam
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Genres and descriptors

Game features Massively multiplayer
Gameplay elements Open world
Gameplay meta-genres Pirate/Privateer
Historical period Modern history
Presentation 3D
Type of events Fictitious events
World Real world
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