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Additional titles Splinter Cell 6 [Working title]
Developer Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Noviy Disk
Additional development Red Storm Entertainment Ubisoft Shanghai Ubisoft Montreal
Localization Логрус
Porting Ubisoft Shanghai
Additional graphics Ubisoft Chengdu
Outsource testing Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft Bucharest
Released 7 September 2013 5 September 2013 5 September 2013
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29 August 2013 23 August 2013 22 August 2013 22 August 2013 20 August 2013 20 August 2013 20 August 2013
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Genres and descriptors

Gameplay elements Cover-based
Historical period Contemporary history
Perspective First-person
Presentation 3D
Type of events Fictitious events
World Real world
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