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The Story Goes On (Early Access) is an action-packed adventure game set in an endless maze known as the Odyssey.

Developed by Scarecrow Arts, The Story Goes On is the team’s debut game. With a huge emphasis on community feedback via the Early Access program, the game is shaping into a unique rogue-like experience.

The current Early Access version features:

  • Progress at your own pace
The Story Goes On never binds player to a specific pace. Almost every event, puzzle, and fight can be completed as fast or slow as you’d like.

  • Varied items
Every item is designed to add to your experience, and may shift the way you play. From combat enhancements to new ways of traversing puzzles, items in The Story goes On are laid out to work with each other and grant the player cool item combinations every time they play.

  • Adaptive Soundtrack
A beautiful soundtrack that reacts in real-time to the environment; escalating from calm to intense depending on the room the player enters in their unique play-through.

  • Randomly Generated Worlds
A majority of the game’s combat and worlds are randomly generated per play-through. While the overarching story remains constant, the player will discover it in their own way.

  • Story-Based Pre-Built Dungeons
Inside every randomly generated world is a matching pre-made dungeon that introduces new mechanics, enemies and story elements into the main game. From transforming into a ghost to navigate a haunted mansion, to riding a bling’d out minecart to freedom, you find these locations hidden in the worlds, concealed by puzzles.

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Gameplay meta-genres Beat 'em up (Brawler)
Perspective Top-down
Presentation 2D
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