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Additional titles Ледниковый период 2: Глобальное потепление L'Age De Glace 2 Ice Age 2: Jetzt taut's Ice Age 2: Jäätikkö Sulaa Ice Age 2: El Deshielo Ice Age 2: Az Olvadás Epoka Lodowcowa 2: Odwilż Doba ledová 2: Obleva
Developer Eurocom Entertainment Software
Publisher Vivendi Universal Games SoftClub Sierra Entertainment
Localization SoftClub
Released 15 December 2007 15 December 2006 8 December 2006
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5 December 2006 6 October 2006 April 2006 31 March 2006 31 March 2006 14 March 2006
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Genres and descriptors

Jump and run
Winter sports
Gameplay elements QTE
Perspective First-person
Presentation 3D
Type of events Fictitious events
World Real world
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