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Turn-based strategy with RPG elements meets football.

Football Tactics - is a game for those, who likes to plan ahead, who likes to manage a team, and who likes turn-based mechanics.

Many years ago, you were a great footballer. But after getting an injury, you were forgotten. Return to the big sport as a coach. Take an amateur team, play turn-based matches, level up footballers, use your own strategy of the club development, become the best coach in the country.

If you like managing a team but haven't been deep in football/soccer, you'll like this game as well. Just read what other similar players write about that.

  • Turn-based matches - Unique turn-based system allows to use your strong sides against tactical mistakes of an opponent
  • Campaign - Make your way from Amateur to Premier League, play in the Cup matches, buy and train your footballers, improve your club
  • Skills System - Experiment with skills and talents to build unique team
  • Smooth Animations - footballers move like in real football with smooth and realistic animations
  • Club's Upgrades - upgrade your stadium, invest in the young footballers and hire coaches to make your club stronger
  • Mods support - create your own leagues or play the leagues created by other players
  • Online mode - call your friends and create a playoff tournament. Who is the best tactician among you?
  • Hot Seat - choose a favourite national club and play against a friend on one PC

Source: Steam
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Genres and descriptors

Historical period Contemporary history
Perspective Isometric
Presentation 3D
Time flow Turn-based
Type of events Fictitious events
World Real world
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