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Centuries ago, a machine was created on the planet Lira for the sole purpose of regulating its dying ecosystem. As various species become extinct, or were unable to server their role, they were replaced by artificial counterparts. The speed at which this took place progressed slowly at first. But the Lirans soon found the artificial bio-system enveloping the whole of Lira, consuming all. Unable to resist its onslaught, the inhabitants evacuated in large colony ships, searching for a new home. Before leaving, however, a team of scientists devised a final experiment that would lie dormant until a time when the danger had passed. This experiment, a bio-mechanical “seed”, would gather as much DNA from felled life on the planet as it could, storing it so that one day life could once again come to Lira.

Guide Rasa on her journey as she collects lost DNA, and breathes life back into the broken planet. DNO is a continuous side-scrolling platformer that shows remnants of the once great planet Lira. Unlock creatures that once dwelled here, through the use of a unique card collection system, and use power-ups to make your way through each level. The seed awakens, and an entirely new landscape lies before it... ...How will you choose to recreate the world?

Source: Steam
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Jump and run
Perspective Side
Presentation 2D
Setting genre Science fiction
Type of events Fictitious events
World Fictitious world
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