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Dante's past is now revealed as Devil May Cry returns to its roots. Master Dante's multiple fighting styles while battling never before seen demons and new characters as you fight your way towards a brutal confrontation with Dante's mysterious twin brother, Vergil.

  • Choose Dante's fighting style - maximize the impact of close-up blade attacks, or blow enemies away from a distance.
  • Huge arsenal of weapons - handguns, shotguns, swords, and more.
  • A horde of demonic enemies - more ferocious than ever - with powerful weapons and abilities to transform and fly.

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Additional titles Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Специальное издание デビル メイ クライ 3 Special Edition Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom Noviy Disk Ubisoft Entertainment
Porting SourceNext
Released 20 February 2020 20 February 2020 20 February 2020
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18 January 2007 16 October 2006 28 September 2006 30 June 2006 28 June 2006 23 February 2006 24 January 2006
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