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In fortify mode you will be put to the test against
a unlimited warm of walkers that will get stronger and harder
to kill.

You will have to defend a main objective using stealth base building
And turrets to keep the walkers from the main objective.

This mode will be unlike the main campaign as this is just total mayhem

Reaching set scores on this mode will unlock new turrets and structures
and even pets bots that will not be unlock-able after the main release.


Find survivors and create a haven.

There are plenty of places to fortify such as farm houses, diners and so on.
You can even choose to section off entire streets in the suburbs or the city.

You will have a place able object that will alow you to build a haven in the placed area
but the size of your haven will be measured my the size of your influence.

Every mission completed will give you influence.
Every survivor that joins you will also give influence.

Completing missions for survivors will also unlock new weapons, turrets, structures, or recorces.

This will not be a game you can complete as we will be adding more missions, structures, turrets as time goes on.

Source: Steam
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Historical period Contemporary history
Perspective First-person
Presentation 3D
Supernatural beings Zombies
Type of events Fictitious events
World Real world
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