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BLACK THE FALL is an atmospheric puzzle game set-up in a dystopian era, inspired by our communist past. Playing as Black, you get the chance to outsmart the system, but on the way to freedom prepare for pitfalls, manipulation and dismal.


Get hold of a designator to control the other workers, machines and friendly factory creatures. This will prove crucial in your quest.


Use logic, acuity and the laws of physics to figure out how to move through the hostile environment, deceive guardians and find your way out, while staying safe.


Remember who you are and fight for your beliefs. Liberate yourself from any system that hinders your humanity. Take advantage of that open door and start your odyssey.

Source: Steam
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Genres and descriptors

Platform adventure
Gameplay elements Puzzle solving
Perspective Side
Presentation 3D
Setting genre Science fiction
Type of events Fictitious events
World Fictitious world
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